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for ALA Units

Idaho Syringa Girls State would not be possible without all the help from American Legion Auxiliary units. Each year we rely on your dedication and support to help recruit the wonderful young women in your area to come and participate in the Girls State Program. With this help, we are able educate and empower the young women of Idaho to become future leaders in their communities. Below you will find a timeline of events, and the button below will take you to the 2024 training from Midwinter. THANK YOU, we look forward to our continued partnership.

Timeline of Events

To help with the recruitment process, we have included this timeline to help keep everyone on track. Girls State will be held June 9th-14th, 2024 in Nampa Idaho on Northwest Nazarene University Campus. The last day to submit any delegate names will be April 15th. If you have any delegates drop, they will only be able to receive a refund until May 1st. 


December is a great time to start contacting high schools, charter schools, and home school groups to set up recruitment meetings. As soon as the new year begins, we will be relying on you all to recruit the wonderful young women here in Idaho.  


During January we attend Midwinter (usually in Boise) and address as many units that are able to attend. By attending Midwinter, you will receive the most up to date information about the application process, any changes to pricing or our process, and be able to ask questions for better understanding (if you are unable to attend, we will link the information shared to this page). Concluding Midwinter, it is go time! Recruitment season will be in full swing. 


This time will be spent recruiting and helping delegates complete the application process. You will conduct interviews (however you feel necessary), and then directing them to our website to submit their registration form. Please make sure to send your delegates name and contact information to us at As applications come in we will be cross referencing their names with those of the ones you sent to us. 


The final day to submit names will be April 15th, 2024. This gives us plenty of time to secure busing, room, and board for each delegate. May 1st, 2024 is the final day for delegates to receive a refund and drop from the program. Please communicate these dates with your delegates so they do not come as a surprise. Delegates are expected to present for the entirety of the program, June 9th-14th, 2024. We look forward to seeing your delegates succeed in our program!

Recruitment Material

We understand that sometimes it is difficult to recruit without updated material. Thanks to our director, we have a new brochure you can download to print off for recruitment. Click the button below to download the brochure, you then can print it off and distribute to the young women in your units. 

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